We're building Adpxl

Advanced customer acquisition solutions. Aim to simplify the online purchasing process for consumers and help online merchants to sell their products.


Launched in April of 2015 DiskonAja, a couponing portal, that focused on building a business model to suit the needs of the locale. DiskonAja has had a exponential growth over the course of months, with a portfolio boasting of around 700 prominent merchant partners, 2 million visitors, more than 15 000 vouchers and expansion to 2 other SouthEast Asian markets.

Today, Adpxl solutions are customized to drive lead acquisition, to ensure increase in online and in-store sales, and guaranteeing increased ROI. These triumvirate services provide a multi-channel approach in reaching the mass market of potential Consumers. Informing, influencing, and guiding the customers along the buying journey and leading them to merchants for smart purchases.

Adpxl (multi-sided platform) = Mass Market customers (online users + niche market of discount users + offline potential clients) + Mass Merchant market (online + offline)