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Our Partners and Customers
Our Partners and Customers

Benefits of Coupon Codes

drive engagement and sales

Increased Conversions

When e-retailers offer promo codes conversions increase by up to 70%

Increase Basket Size

50% Of customers who use a voucher code will spend more than originally planned

Low Acquisition Cost

Online shops can cut their costs in half when you use coupons to attract customers

Tracking Will Get a Boost

Use different codes for different campaigns and you can see which ones are performing and which are wasting of your advertising budget

Use Them for A/B Testing

A/B testing should be part of every campaign and voucher codes can help provide the insight you need.

Brand Loyalty

Customers will tell their friends about your promo code and that will not only increase brand loyalty, but also spread the word that you are a quality retailer

“Customers are buying the good feeling a discount brings, as much as the items themselves.”